Since 2012, we have been producing ready-made feed and other pellet products at the SKC group's plant in Nagykáta: the production of profit and hobby animal feeds, litters, fire pellets, alfalfa pellets and other granulated products for professional service of domestic animal keepers. The production of all our products is based on the natural resources of Hungary, here it is mainly based on high-quality raw materials provided by lowland producers. 

Our product range is very wide, which we constantly expand and improve with improvements. We produce feed mixtures for all types and age groups of farm animals. When compiling recipes, we take special account of the regulations of the profession and the experience of our partners, the farmers. With our production, we aimed to produce products that promote the calm, natural development of animals. Our mineral and nutrient-rich feed blends are compiled taking into account the characteristics of the age group and variety. 

In addition to the production of our own branded products and the development of new products, we also continuously carry out payroll orders for our partners. As a manufacturer, we produce dried molasses and dried vinass in a unique way in hungary, building on our own innovation, which is used as an additive both in itself and mixed in our feed.   

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  • General horse abrasives
  • Racehorse abrasive
  • Hoof repair abrasive
  • Oat-free horse abrasives
  • Horse delicacy
  • Pigbite


  • Siccumel: dried molasses
  • Siccuvin: dried vinasz
  • Hobby animal eats
  • Granulated litter of bran

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