The skc project office's service range covers the full spectrum of needs of companies thinking of raising applications or other forms of funding: project generation, application writing, project management and consulting.  After assessing individual needs, our experts will determine the best framework within which an economic objective can be achieved in terms of application or other framework.

You can become part of the success story! By reviewing the available domestic and international resources, we will work with our client to develop the most appropriate financing and construction facility. Our successful operation is no better demonstrated by the fact that since 2010 we have carried out a tender project with a total cost of almost HUF 15 billion, winning more than 6 billion HUF in funding.


    • Application monitoring
    • Project generation
    • Examination of compliance with the eligibility criteria for tenders
    • Project financing
    • Preparation and coordination of a tender project
    • Preparation of a feasibility study
    • Environmental impact assessment and impact assessment
    • Business plan and cost-benefit analysis
    • Create a concept plan
    • Marketing plan, program and market analysis
    • Preparation of public procurement policies
    • Preparation of other project-specific expert studies
    • Transmission of suppliers and contractors
    • Technical design


    • Compilation of tender documentation
    • Expert assistance for the compilation of application annexes
    • Compilation of a tender budget
    • Participation in a preliminary on-site inspection
    • Make up for slack
    • Liaising with the Contributor Organization


    • Conclusion and amendment of a support contract
    • Public procurement consultancy
    • Coordinate project implementation
    • Compiling a payment request
    • Generate progress report
    • Create project Maintenance Report
    • Participation in an on-the-spot inspection
    • Ensure project communication
    • Liaising with the Contributor Organization

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