Corporate finance consultancy

Based on our experience in raising funds in various industrial, business and service areas, we also offer our partners a separate company financing consultancy. Professional expert advice is essential to unlock the opportunities and get the best funding. Our leaders and staff have decades of banking finance experience and market-leading consulting experience. Our experts support the quick and efficient course of transactions by knowing the banking processes. We have experience in the individual management of solutions designed by specific financing needs or the unique structure of several banking "products". We have up-to-date information about the banking market in our continuously running transactions, for example, we know which banks are open to what, what are the priorities, and where to turn.

During the consultation process, the expert team:

> You will become familiar with the full operation of the credit application company, examine the project.

> It focuses on your overall funding needs, helping you to create an optimal credit and resource structure.

> He's managing the financing negotiations.

> Minimizes potential risks.

> It creates competition between banks, both in terms of the best possible pricing and hedging expectation.

> Presents credit offers to the owner in a comparable manner for a decision.

If you are looking for the most suitable financial source for your finished business idea or ongoing project, contact SKC Consulting.

> Our partners include

> Commercial Banks

> Investment Banks

> Financial Enterprises

> Leasing companies

> Factor financiers

> Guarantee Institutions

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