As a progressive player in our company, the hungarian construction industry has a wide range of design and construction activities. In addition to full-scale generating work, we do both high and civil engineering works in our own care. Our comprehensive design services and our own window and insulating element manufacturing plant provide efficient and economical support for our business. Building on our trained employees and many years of professional experience, we have consciously developed our diverse range of activities to provide our clients with more concentrated and thus economical solutions. Our activity is basically divided into three divisions: 

I. Our technical services and design activities: 

  • 1. Generate and architect design assignments,
  • 2. Passive house design,
  • 3. Technical inspection tasks,
  • 4. Responsible technical management,

II. Our construction activities:

  • 1. Implementation of green field investments,
  • 2. Complete building renovation,
  • 3. Passive house construction.

III. Our civil engineering activities:

  • 1. Road and cycle paths construction,
  • 2. Development of an industrial park,
  • 3. Public works,
  • 4. Mechanical excavations.

As the basis of our scope of activity, we believe that our company should have not only the ability to complete the work and capacity, but also design insight and technical services, thus bringing together and integrating processes at different levels for the efficiency and economy of the work. Building on the extensive experience of our workshops and engineers, we undertake the generation, technical control and responsible technical management of detached houses, especially passive houses, public buildings, industrial halls, cold stores, roads, demolition works.

Our construction division generates contractors and builds on its own resources to undertake construction, demolition, refurbishment, refurbishment and transformation work. We have extensive experience in the construction of industrial facilities and concrete and light-frame buildings within the framework of green and brown field investments. In connection with renovation works, we undertake static works, wall and roof repairs, refurbishment, subsequent heat and waterproofing and installation orders. Our special area is the construction of cold storage and low energy (passive) houses. Thanks to our "Heat Block System" passive housing construction and insulation system based on self-manufactured domestic innovation, we offer cheap, fast and sustainable solutions in the growing area of extremely low-energy houses.

By joining our construction work and building on the capacity of our own machinery fleet, we undertake the development of roads, including in particular bicycle paths, basic infrastructure for industrial parks, as well as the utility of all these buildings and mechanical excavations.

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