The success of our activities is based on the search for viable project ideas, the right resource raising and our experience as a project manager. We have gained business experience in a number of industries and service areas over the years, so we can give a serious insight into the business opportunities of projects that have come into our sights. The strong professional, business and market results of our realized projects demonstrate that professionally selected, created and implemented investments will result in long-term success and stable, profitable operation.   


Beneficiary name: SKC - SOLUTION KFT.


Project ID: VEKOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00442
The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Aid amount: HUF 43 433 200

Aid rate: 62.138861%
Project actual completion date: 28/09/2020

Project content:
The main objective of the tangible project is to develop a new type of rolling gearbox. A
rolling gearbox is a new type of drive solution that can be used to
in many areas. The drive and driven wheels of the wheels
clearly rolling balls in the grooves. The inventor, István Beetle, has
developed a theory for calculating the geometry of the drive elements and a method for
scaling. It has been shown that all drive technical tasks can be
theory. Based on the theories, several demonstration models and three types of
prototype has also been completed. Two of the prototypes were tested in real-world conditions.
It has been shown that the loss of the 10-geared prototype with a deflection axis is 2-3%, compared to
30-35% loss of similar conventional engines, so it is worth moving on to the subject. A
two important steps to be taken, which are essentially the subject of this proposal:
achieve an adequate service life and minimise production costs. In order to achieve these objectives, additional
planning and testing tasks were required.

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