As we have built all our business lines, including construction, on a complex strategy. From traditional construction services such as design, generating construction, through self-resourced construction work to distribution of various premium products and innovative development-based manufacturing and service activities, we have a wide range of competency, in which our various activities complement each other well. 

With regard to our construction services, in addition to the organisation and implementation of classical design and construction activities, we have gained special experience in several areas during our previous work, such as: industrial hall and cooling chamber construction, façade and roof insulation, bicycle road and solar park construction to highlight only a few. During our projects, we faced a number of tasks that resulted in the bringing to life our new business lines for an economical and quality solution. 

Among them, the HEAT BLOCK SYSTEM passive housing construction system based on domestic innovation is distinguished, based on a mobile plant for the production of special-shaped EPS thermal insulation plates. In addition, we also manufacture traditional EPS thermal insulation plates.  Another of our flagship business lines is the design, manufacture, distribution and installation of ISOWÄRME premium plastic doors and windows. Our doors and windows provide the highest technical and aesthetic quality available on the market for our customers looking for a long-term and professional solution!




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