Food production is one of the most important industrial segments in terms of global economy and ecological sustainability. Recognizing its ever-increasing importance and its changing approach and technological background today, thanks to our comprehensive strategic construction and numerous high-value investments, we have made significant improvements, resulting in skc product ltd. having a significant own capacity in several areas of the food production chain. Such as: animal feed production, integrated livestock farming, meat and cheese cutting and packaging, HPP (high pressure) preservation, and 100% natural juice and smoothie production.         

Based on its own equipment park, SKC Product Kft. has a large production capacity in several segments of food production, from livestock production to ready-made food packaging. The Ace Feeds company has undertaken a significant product in the field of granular profit and pet feed production in the domestic market. Our premium, high-nutrient products are a reliable source of fodder for domestic horse, cattle, and other livestock keepers, and provide the opportunity to support the various integrated maintenance programmes. As the next step in the process, we are slicing and packaging various blocks of meat and cheese products using a unique technical design and high-capacity automatic slicing and packaging equipment. In addition to the production of our own branded products, we take a large share of the wage production. Closely linked to this capability, one of the most important parts of the manufacturing process, we also perform high pressure preservation of awide range of raw, semi-finished and finished food with our own HPP (High Pressure Processing) equipment.




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