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Today, energy efficiency has become an extremely important aspect in the construction or renovation of a house. In addition to the ever-expanding and greening energy supply capabilities of buildings, the efficient use, storage and retention of the energy produced has become an extremely important area in which technological progress is ongoing. In particular, the thermal insulation capacity of various materials and building elements that will be installed during construction is one of the most important factors.

The Products of the Isowärme Premium Plastic Window System contribute to the energy management system of buildings with the highest technically available thermal insulation capability, thanks to the high-quality raw materials used in the production, specifically their special combination, and the careful manual assembly of customised components.

As the exclusive distributor of Isowärme products, skc energy & Enviroment Kft. is particularly important to ensure the Isowärme quality, of which the method of installation is just as important in terms of material and technical quality of the products, so our doors and windows are installed only after individual assessment and planning, in our own construction. With the help of our highly experienced specialists, our clients can choose from a wide range of aesthetic and technical parameters to find the perfect opening solution that is the most perfect for them and provides a long-term high sense of comfort and safety.

From design to installation

During construction or refurbishment, the selection of windows is an extremely important task. Even with the most careful construction, construction work and the use of the best thermal insulation materials, the poorly chosen or unprofessionally built-in doors and windows can seriously increase the heat loss value of the building. The long-lasting, reliable Isowärme quality of our windows is guaranteed by the german, Austrian and Italian components used, as well as by high-precision assembly, with a high skill installation.
As a first step in our full service, our specialists always carry out an accurate survey of the site, so that we are aware of every detail during installation. We then help our clients choose the most suitable technical and aesthetic-looking windows, so that the most ideal solution can be found, both functionally and in terms of the appearance of the building. Based on the information thus gathered, we will always prepare a personalized offer and produce the ordered products individually.
In order to ensure Isowärme quality, the installation is always carried out by our qualified specialists, using premium materials that meet ral standard installation requirements and high-quality technical solutions according to the standard.

Isowärme quality

The premium quality and outstanding thermal insulation of the Isowärme windows are guaranteed by a combination of built-in technical solutions. One of the main structural elements of the system is the frame profile itself. In all cases, our doors and windows are made with a grade A profile with a minimum thickness of 2.8 mm. Because of their reduced PVC content, they are much more flexible and UV-resistant, making them much longer in life than an average plastic profile. The profiles are hardened with a raised inertia steel closed section, which makes them both strong and flexible. 

As a highly important technical solution compared to traditional windows, the steel sections and larger chambers are filled with blush foam, which means that the frame structure itself achieves extremely low heat loss. Thus, not only the glass layer, but also the frame itself is equally effective thermal insulation. 

Another main element of the system is the insulating glass layer itself. Our products are manufactured exclusively with a heat bridge-free, warm-rimmed 3-layer system, which can be manufactured according to the specific needs of use, (e.g. tinted or tinted) and can be filled with gas with multiple thermal insulation capabilities. Dehumidifying bands can be placed between the glass layers on demand. At the junction of the window frame and the wing, the separate profiles , the perfect heat and waterproofing are provided by EPDM rubber seals, which are manually inserted during production, so that they can be replaced later, if necessary, even separately.


The Isowärme quality is based on premium quality doors and windows. However, for the most effective thermal insulation effect, professional installation is also essential. To this end, our specialists use ral-standard installation procedures, excipients and technical solutions to ensure that the opening is properly replaced. In terms of the way in which it is built and its materials, each building has different properties. Our specialists also select and apply the technical solutions and materials used in the installation of the windows in such a way as to achieve the lowest heat loss value, since each building structure has a special fastening and insulation process.

When fixing doors and windows, special attention is paid to the connection between the frame and the inn, built part (window and door opening), the proper sealing and insulation of the gaps around the anchorages, so as not to reduce the efficiency of the door. In all cases, we install a heat-insulating sheet called blush foam around the frame, and then fill the remaining gaps with premium-quality powder. The gap between the frame and the side wall of the opening is covered with a mist-tight tape. The mechanical fastening of the frames is ensured by stainless steel screws placed at the required distances (45cm).

In summary, isowärme quality is defined as a unit of system-color thinking, premium doors and windows and professional installation.

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